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Dr. Jay Selznick

dr jay selznick

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The patients’ quality of care is obtained through Dr. Selznick’s dedication and the personalizing of your treatment needs.

Since Dr. Jay Selznick began practicing, he has provided oral services to his patients with the highest standards. Using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques our practice performs, wisdom teeth removal, corrective jaw surgery, and other procedures at a competitive cost.

  • We accept most insurances, Medicaid, and Hablamos Español!

All our efforts are strongly tailored to the medical and financial needs of our patients. We deliver the highest quality dental and oral surgery in the nation at an extremely affordable cost.  Call us today for more information!

I, Dr. Jay Selznick am dedicated to providing the highest quality outpatient diagnostic Oral & Maxillofacial surgical services to my patients. I am committed to providing the most advanced technologies available and to use these technologies and surgical skills judiciously in helping referring doctors accurately diagnose and treat my patients. I always strive to advance my skill to effectively and efficiently care for my patients, never forgetting to treat each patient with dignity and compassion.

Jay K. Selznick, DMD, MD
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon